MU is a Portuguese band that began its musical route in 2003. Searching for fusion and experimentation within the traditional music, this group is distinguishing with many music styles. With MU you can travel to several different cultures and traditional/fusion sounds. Its members play various instruments from all over the world. India, Switzerland, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, among others, are the regions from where the instruments of MU come from. This instrument diversity brings this group to a travel between a lost world and actuality, which allows it to rescue beautiful sounds from these ancient worlds.

Between flying dances, feminine voices and diverse instruments, MU's alive show is a moment of contagious enjoyment, moment where the energy flies throughout the air and rushes the body to dance in a limitless world.

MU has already three records: Mundanças (2005), Casanostra (2008) and Folhas que Ardem(2012).

MU already have about 200 live shows in Portugal mainland and islands, Spain, Croatia, Romania, England, Sweden, Poland and Malaysia, and also won the contest of folk music "Arribas Folk" and Carlos Paredes Prize.

The six faces of this group share a common... to make everybody dance! 

To talk about MU and not about the importance of the "passage" would be to limit life to its transitority. Surely, there would be much more behind the door…
Inconformed, they rose.
They reinvented colors and flavours and, sharing affection, they decided to go in search of dreams. Deeply in sintony with earth, they danced in circle.
They traveled on donkeys’ backs on the paths of Sendim. They enjoyed "Andanças", they were kings in "Arribas" and "Sin Fronteras" and generated "Mundanças".
They were, are and will be MU, nomads by thought, musicians by passion, true friends.
Five years have passed and they grew more mature, their roots are burried deeper, watering them with the purest water and their tradition bloomed.

They asked me to talk about MU and I was compelled to talk about gratitude.

Walk, senderos, and sow your seeds.

Paulo Mosqueteiro